Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): Architecture and Philosophy

Conjunction Function

Catherine Ingraham
Graduate Architecture and Urban Design, School of Architecture, Pratt Institute

Published 2023-05-16


  • and,
  • syntagma,
  • constitution,
  • ordering,
  • poiesis

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Ingraham, C. (2023). Conjunction Function. Khōrein: Journal for Architecture and Philosophy , 1(2), 3–8. Retrieved from https://khorein.ifdt.bg.ac.rs/index.php/ch/article/view/15


This essay begins by taking the syntagma “Architecture and Philosophy” at face value. It spends some time working its way into and around various points of view: the role of conjunctions, the differences between architecture and philosophy, the possibility that the and we have been asked to consider has become naturalized and, therefore, no longer open to question. The essay is short, too short, due to what seems like a global lack of time. However, the essay starts again, at its end, to look at a somewhat different path.